With help from the community on Reddit, we’ve put together a guide for you guys to follow when legit checking a Supreme box logo Hoodie. We haven’t covered everything, but these checks are a good place to start. If you want any more info, please head over to the original Reddit forum here: 


(Full credit to Reddit for the following guide) 

Check 1: The Box Logo (Floating “e”, oval “p” & stitching)  

(i) Floating “e”:
First thing to look out for is the “flying e”. On a legit hoodie, all the letters are positioned at the same level just like this: 

The fakes however are a bit of a mess. Check out the ‘e’ floating about to the right in this shot:

(ii) Oval “p”:
On legit bogo’s there should be a clear oval shape in the centre of the “P”. Check out this picture, where the oval of the P is cut off. Be aware that this does not apply to older (<2007) & tonal hoodies. 

(iii) Stitching:
Make sure to inspect the stitching and pattern formation of the box logo. On legit bogo’s the stitching is usually in a sort of ‘criss cross’, like this one here: 

However, on some fake bogo’s you’ll notice how the stitching has horizontal lines that go over the whole box logo. Have a look at the patterns outlined by the lines in the picture below:

Check 2: Neck Tags (The gap and length)

(i) The Gap:
A good way to ensure authenticity is to check out the neck tags. In almost all cases there should be a clear space between both tags. On fake hoodies, the neck tags are often overlapping or cramped together just like this:

(ii) The length
The second thing to check out for is the length of the tags. The right tag should fall just above the “upreme” lettering of the Supreme tag, like this: 

Another thing to keep an eye out on is  is the length of the bottom left tag. On fake bogo's, this is longer than the one shown above. Here’s an example of a fake:

Check 3: The Washing Tag
When checking a wash tag, take a look at the stitching at the top. The stitching should be single stitch and follow a straight line across the top. On some fakes that have a single stitch, this will jump around quite a bit. 

This pic should help:


We know the feeling, when you find your grail for a steal and you just want to cop. Please chill and follow these simple checks! Remember to always ask for tagged pics and references where possible and work through all 6 checks. 

  1. Floating “e”
  2. Oval “p”
  3. Pattern on bogo 
  4. Overlapping neck tags 
  5. Neck tag length 
  6. Stitching on wash tag 

Any other questions then please feel free to message support or email us at hello@sobump.com! We’re always happy to help! 

And make sure to safely cop your Supreme Bogo on BUMP Now: 

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