With help from BUMP user James Cartledge who sourced all the following info (username: joelsbasement), we've put together this guide on how to legit check Palace.

Check 1: Size Tag (The "P", Stitching & Font)
(i) The "P"
Any Palace Triangle size tag that has a line continuing from the base of the “P” to the top of it without a gap for the shape is fake. Please note that there are replicas that have fixed this but for now this is a great guide. Check out this photo which explains this feature best: 

(ii) Stitching
Another way to identify a replica is by checking whether the stitching of the collars goes over the letters – not all fakes show this flaw but if it is very noticeable, it is fake but some legit tri fergs have this flaw at a minimal extent. See below as a guide: 

(iii) Font
The font of the sizing letters is always a dead giveaway of a replica Palace item. Fake fonts tend to be thinner and larger as seen in the photos above. Anything different to the listed “genuine lettering” is likely to be a replica. Some fakes have fixed this but if the lettering of the size looks off its most likely fake. Check out these 3 pics for a comparison: 

Check 2: The Washtags
The important thing to note about Palace washtags (tag found on the inside of the tee giving washing info) is that there are 3 types of legit washtags (each from different time periods) and one of them has a misleadingly inaccurate font, however it is still legit (as shown below).

Another legit washtag shows no tri-ferg at all, and these are from 2011-2013 therefore if the wash tag is like this, the piece should be accordingly aged. 

The third legit washtag is the one currently in use by Palace and it shows the font on the tri-ferg as it appears on the t-shirts. Make sure to check that the ‘L’ and ‘A’ connect through the tail of the ferg! This is a dead giveaway that the item is fake (take a look below) 

Also, check out this shot of a range of different legit washtags from the Palace community on Reddit:

When legit checking Palace make sure to check:

  1. The "P"
  2. Stitching 
  3. Font 
  4. Washtags 

Massive shout out to James Cartledge and Yehee for providing this knowledge to help out the streetwear community. If you have anything to add, please feel free to message BUMP support or email hello@sobump.com


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