I've been scammed before and know how much it sucks. So please check out this guide to some of the common scams out there. We’ll touch on 3 types. Note: If you ever come across this behaviour, please report the user immediately so our team of moderators can take appropriate action. 

Scam 1: Friends & Family 

This is probably the most basic yet common way for scammers to operate. When paying with Friends & Family you as the buyer are NOT eligible for buyer protection. This means if they do not send the item or they send you a faulty/different/fake item you cannot get a refund. Make sure to pay through BUMP to ensure you’re fully covered. 

Scam 2: Fake PayPal emails 

Some crafty scammers out there have created fake emails that replicate an email from PayPal saying you have received money. DO NOT SEND YOUR ITEM till the money has fallen into your account. 

Scam 3: Different delivery address 

Only ever send your item to the address that is linked to the buyers PayPal and make sure to include tracking/proof of postage. Crafty scammers can claim through PayPal and get a refund and also receive your item (peak...we know). 

ONLY EVER send your item to the address on the buyers PayPal.


  • Only pay through BUMPs checkout 
  • Only post once money is in your account 
  • Send to the address on the order summary
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