A proxy is when someone is paid to purchase an item from an upcoming release on your behalf.


  1. A proxy seller attends a store release, purchases an item for you and then ships the item to you 📦
  2. A proxy seller purchases an item for you from an online release and then ships the item to you 📫

If you're looking to buy a proxy, just hit filter on the BUMP homepage and select the proxy category - here you'll see all available proxies on BUMP 🔥

When you find a proxy you're interested in buying, send this user a message to find out more details. Make sure to ask for prices, their refund policy and previous references! References are vital as it allows you to see previous successful proxies with people in the streetwear community. It may even be worth reaching out to these guys to find out more about how it went. 

Buying a proxy is just like any other purchase on BUMP, just hit the BUY button on a listing and proceed to pay via PayPal. Note, you will need to pay for the item before it is released, but don't worry all purchases on BUMP are fully protected, check out this article for more information 🛡

If you're selling the service, you can create a listing and hit 'proxy' as the category.

Any further questions then please contact BUMP support, we're always happy to help 🙏

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