We've designed your profiles on BUMP to act as an archive of the streetwear you're selling / have sold. Given the nature of streetwear and the importance of high quality aesthetics, we recommend you follow these top tips on how to sell more and subsequently grow your brand. You guys as sellers are the core of this community as you allow people to find the fit they want, so please let us know if you have any questions at all on this by contacting BUMP support. Ok, lets get going...

Just throwing a Supreme box logo over an old patterned bed sheet may not be enough to convince the buyer. We cannot emphasise this enough, but the way the item looks in the image is integral to the attractiveness of it to a buyer. You don't need to have taken a photography class at school and have a pro Nikon camera. Just follow these tips and we're confident you'll see sales take off:

1. Background 

If you can, please choose to shoot the picture on a white backdrop. I personally use an ironed bed sheet, because it draws out the color and branding of the item, focussing the buyers eyes towards the hype. It's even been proven in research that a white backdrop increases the likelihood of an item selling. So give it a go! 

2. Product placement

Make sure to place the item in a way that looks clean and organised.  If its a tee, then fold and iron it in place. For sneakers, make sure to shoot them from all angles, including the box, sole and 360 view of the shoe. 

3. Tagged pictures
Tagging a picture with your username lets the buyer know that you have the item on you, thereby increasing trust. For those that aren't familiar, tagging a picture is simply writing your username and date on some paper and including it in the shot.

Check out this Supreme x CDG Hoodie as an example of fantastic product placement with a clean background (@nickclicks):

As well as having beautifully shot images, the info you include in the item listing and the way you speak with customers is incredibly important in growing sales. We'll go through each step of the listing process and then cover some tips on speaking to buyers:

1. The item title 

Make sure you keep it concise and relevant. Typically, users include the brand name, item class (e.g. tee, hoodie, track pants etc) and color. Our clever technology will actually autofill your item color when it comes to adding this later down the listing process  👏

Do not including #'s or irrelevant brands to try and help the discoverability of your item. We have designed BUMP to ignore these titles so all it will do is confuse buyers. 

2. The Description 

Here there is a bit more space to let potential buyers understand more about the item you're selling and encourage them to get in touch if they have any questions. It's helpful to tell them the season (e.g. FW17), how it fits (if you want you can include measurements e.g. pit to pit) and detail the item condition (including any flaws/marks). Please be honest here, and give a transparent score out of 10. We understand that this is up to interpretation, but do your best to let the buyer know of its true condition. 

3. Messaging

If a buyer messages you or 'likes' your product, this is a great sign! Now its up to you to make sure they're happy with your service and understand the product you're selling. From the start, we've kept the community at every product decision we've made, so designed an instant chat that's super easy to use. Here you can send fit pics if you like, or proof of postage (its up to you). Even after you have completed a transaction, we recommend staying in touch with the buyer to build your relationship in order to potentially secure future purchases.

BUMP Checkout 

You must connect your PayPal with BUMP to list items for sale

Once you have listed an item for sale, a 'BUY' button will be displayed on your listing. A buyer will select this option and send payment via PayPal, the funds will be sent directly to your connected PayPal account.

We cannot express enough, how important it is to only ever buy/sell safely through the BUMP checkout. Users who ask to complete a transaction off BUMP, are almost always scammers. If you don't complete the transaction through BUMP, then you are not eligible for BUMP + PayPal protection. This means that if anything goes wrong, then we cannot help you get a refund! Not only this, but completing transactions through BUMP strengthens your BUMP profile as it allows buyers to leave reviews! This feedback is vital in building your brand on BUMP and will be super important in securing future sales ✊


  1. Photography is key! When shooting the item, make sure to have a white backdrop, place the product effectively and include tagged pictures where you can.
  2. When filling out a listing, be concise in the item title and detailed in the description. Include the season, condition and sizing.
  3. Treat the buyer as you'd like to be treat. Stay in touch with them and build the trust! 
  4. Always sell through BUMPs checkout

All of the above will help you sell, grow your brand which will feed back into more sales! We hope this was helpful and please let us know how this effects your sales.


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