Our priority at BUMP is to make sure the community stays safe. We therefore offer you BUMP + PayPal protection just in case anything goes wrong with your transaction.

When buying on BUMP, there is a 6% fee that is covered by the seller. This fee helps us offer this protection and ultimately improve the experience for you guys. 

The fee 





2.9% + 30¢*

**PayPal charges 4.4% + 30 cents when either the buyer or seller are international.

**In EUR the fee is 3.4% + €0.35 EUR per transaction.

Note: This is 6% of the total price including shipping 

6% is the lowest marketplace fee out there and its the minimum needed to help cover our costs and take BUMP forward. 

A common way for scammers to operate is to offer a lower price to entice users to complete the transaction off BUMP. People who attempt to conduct transactions off BUMP are almost always scammers. Any transactions that are completed outside the BUMP Checkout are not eligible for BUMP + PayPal Protection. For your safety, our team of moderators are monitoring fake listings and suspicious activity 24/7 to ensure all transactions are processed safely through the BUMP checkout. So make sure to always complete your transaction through the BUMP checkout, in order to stay protected 💪

If you guys have any questions at all on the above, then please feel free to give us a shout! We're always happy to chat things through ✊

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