Its now possible for you guys to follow accounts on BUMP 🙌. In this article, i'll take you through the basics of this new feature and some of the reasons why you would follow someone. 

Please make sure to hit us up if you have any questions or ideas on how we can make this better! 

The Basics 

Following users is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your favourite accounts on BUMP. It also allows you to strengthen your profile by adding an extra layer of credibility on top of reviews, leading to more sales 🔥

For some top tips on how to build up your followers, please checkout this article I wrote.

Why follow?

So, whats all the hype about? 

For the buyers out there, following users lets you stay in touch with your favourite sellers in the community. You'll be the first to know about their latest products for sale, It's also a great way to create a bond with sellers after you purchase an item. We've spoken to loads of you guys and wanted to build a way to foster the post sale relationships that are so important when buying streetwear. 

Having a strong following as a seller is a win-win! Not only does your account gain an extra layer of trust, but it means you have relevant eyes on your listings at all times. Buyers can filter especially for your items and see products from sellers they know, like and trust - all increasing your chances of selling.

So, its now time for you guys to grow your own communities in BUMP! 

Enjoy ✌️

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