At BUMP, our priority is your safety, and unfortunately over the past few weeks we've seen a number of bad guys join and try take advantage of the community we've built together. These scammers use a number of sneaky methods to try and make a quick buck and we're putting an end to it. We've now introduced a number of new features that will make the community even safer and this article will take you through these changes 🙏

1. Phone verification 

If you're wanting to sell, you'll need to verify your phone number first. This is SUPER easy to do and happens in just a few clicks (its just like the process of signing up to Snapchat). BUMP will send you a 4 digit code that you can type into the verification screen, and thats it, you're good to sell!

2. Always ship with tracking & add to BUMP

After you've sold an item, you MUST ship it tracked (make sure to ask your courier/post office for tracked shipping which basically means your buyer can see the progress of the package as its shipped). If you don't, you are not protected by BUMP & PayPal meaning you could lose your item and your money!

For first time sellers, you now must input your tracking number before we can release your funds. As soon as you've put in a legit tracking number, we will process this on our end and send you your money! 🤑

This will not apply to sellers who have sold on BUMP before, but you must still input a legit tracking number to let your buyer know where their package is.

3. Pro banning 🚨

We've been working closely with PayPal to clamp down on repeat offenders. This means we now have stronger banning systems in place to get rid of the bad guys. 

And thats it! With these three new features we'll be strengthening our systems to protect against these bad actors.

If you have any question on the above, then we're here to help! Please just send us a message and we can chat it through.

Thanks again for your continued help with building the ultimate streetwear community 👊

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