Buying and selling on BUMP is super easy & safe! 

If you guys ever have any questions on this then please hit us up, we’re always happy to chat things through! 

How to buy?   

Just hit the BUY button on a listing to safely pay through BUMPs in app checkout. Buying through the checkout means you are protected by BUMP + PayPal in case anything goes wrong with your order. 

What could go wrong? 

Lets say you receive a fake/the item is different than described/it never arrives, then we’d work with you to get you a full refund! 

How to pay?

You can either pay by logging into your PayPal account, or pay by card if you don't have a PayPal account. You’d need to checkout as a guest if you do not have an account.  

We recommend signing into your PayPal account to checkout!

Once purchased, you can then leave and receive feedback and quickly get updates on when your Grail will arrive 🙌

How to sell? 

Only ever sell through the in app checkout! To do this, you MUST connect your PayPal account in settings or when creating a listing.

Why sell through the checkout?   

  • You get paid straight into your PayPal account 
  • You’re covered by BUMP + PayPal in case anything goes wrong
  • You can receive reviews on your profile to build your reputation and sell more in the future
  • Impossible to get scammed by fake PayPal emails/fake buyer - seller claims 

Just a friendly heads up, that you are NOT allowed to sell outside of the BUMP checkout. Almost every transaction that happens outside the checkout is fraudulent and results in a scam – so please let us help keep you safe 🙏

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