BUMP is a peer to peer platform and we expect our community to treat each other kindly with respect.

According to our Code of Conduct sellers must ship within 5 days of an order to the address shown in your BUMP order summary page.

Sellers must ship their order with tracking information and upload this to their BUMP order summary page within 5 days of the order.

If you cannot ship your order within 5 days you must inform the buyer as soon as possible.

Buyers should check they have entered the correct shipping address in their BUMP order summary page - if you have entered your address incorrectly please ask the seller to cancel the order and repeat it again with the correct details entered.

If there has been an issue with your order please contact BUMP Community Support at hello@sobump.com

Please be aware that if these processes are not followed we reserve the right to use our authorisation to cancel an order.

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