Found a piece you like but want to negotiate on the price? Make an offer.

How to make an offer:

  1. Open a listing via our mobile app
  2. Press "Make offer"
  3. Enter your offer
  • Make sure your offer is fair, we will not allow you to low-ball sellers
  • We display if your offer is the first, the highest or lower than the highest
  • You will always make offers in the sellers chosen currency

After you have made an offer, a seller has 72 hours to accept it - if the seller accepts your offer, you must send payment to the seller within 24 hours.

  • Be quick, a seller can accept multiple offers and the first buyer to send payment will win the item

If a seller rejects your offer don't worry, you can make a maximum of 5 offers on a specific listing.

Where can you view your offers?

Your offers are available to view via the "Offers" button from the BUMP App profile tab.

Sent offers

Sent offers are active for 72 hours, during this time the seller can accept or reject your offer.

After a seller accepts your offer, you must pay within 24 hours to complete the order. You can just head to the listing in-app and tap 'Pay now' at the top of the screen to check out with your offered price.

If a seller rejects your offer, you can make another offer via the Sent offer page.

  • You can make a maximum of 5 offers per listing

While an offer is active you have the option to withdraw it, use the 'Withdraw offer' option within Sent offers to cancel your offer.

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