Trust and authenticity are our top priority, that's why every item purchased on BUMP is Verified in-hand by our team of specialist authenticators before being shipped to the buyer.

All orders are first shipped from the seller to one of our verification centres in the EU or US. Here our in-house team of specialists carefully examine each item to guarantee condition, size and 100% authenticity so we can ultimately protect buyers from unknowingly purchasing counterfeits.

Our specialist authenticators examine all possible aspects and dimensions of each item; including SKU, size, condition, structure, colour, materials, cleanliness and authenticity.

If we discover an item is not authentic or is described incorrectly we will do our best to either find the same item from another seller for the same price or process a full refund.

Our verification process doesn't just start when a sale has been made. Our authentication team actively review items as they're uploaded to the BUMP marketplace meaning you can be confident you're always browsing authentic items.

What are the benefits for buyers of BUMP Verification?

What are the benefits for sellers of BUMP Verification?

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