What is Discover?

Find Discover on the 🔎 tab on your app, it's split into four main sections for you to explore:

  1. Search: find specific items or sellers, after searching use our filter to refine your search results
  2. Trending: check out the most popular searches from our community
  3. Top Sellers: meet the best sellers in our community
  4. Featured Listings: browse our staff picks; hand-picked and updated daily

How else can you find items?

Our home page is a live feed of newly uploaded items to BUMP. Use the filters at the top of the page to see the latest items, upcoming releases, streetwear, vintage or view only the listings uploaded by sellers you follow.

Our team are searching 24/7 to feature the best items in the community, but if you think you meet the criteria below hit up our Discover team leader corby.

  1. Clear images photographed to a high standard
  2. Complete profile

Examples of high standard images:

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