When your item sells we'll send you a UPS shipping label. You'll then have 3 days to ship your item to us. You must use the UPS label, you cannot ship to us using another courier. If you live outside of the EU you must attach customs invoices to your package.

Follow these instructions or your payout will be delayed.

1. Place the 1st page of your shipping instructions inside the shoebox and/or package with the product, find your shipping instructions by pressing the 'Print shipping label' button at the top of your BUMP Sale Confirmed email.

2. Place the shoebox or product into a bigger and sufficiently sized shipping box that is no more than 2 inches (5 cm) larger than your item on each side.

3. Use bubble wrap and/or packing paper to ensure your item is secure while in transit.

4. Seal package across the sides and seams on the top and bottom of the shipping box using the 6 strip, H-method, with 2 inches or wider packing tape. Do not use masking tape, cellophane tape, duct tape, string or paper over-wrap to secure the package.

5. Tape the BUMP provided pre-paid shipping label on page 2 of the PDF we emailed you (this PDF is attached to the BUMP Sale Confirmed email you received) to the outside of your package (some drop off locations should provide a folder for this to be placed on the outside of your package for free).

6. If you live outside of the EU you'll need to include customs paperwork on your package, click here for more information on customs.

7. Once you've packaged up your item, you now need to ship it to BUMP for verification. You can take your package to your nearest UPS drop off location or pay for your package to be collected and we'll take it from there.

Now you’re done, monitor your emails or the BUMP App for updates on your order and payout.

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