Currently items can only be listed for sale via our mobile apps. To list an item for sale, select the tag icon at the bottom of your app to open the sell page.

The sell page is split up into different sections relating to your item

Item title: type your item name and select from our suggestions. If we do not have your item in our catalogue, select your custom title from the top of the list

Add photos: select between 2-8 photos of your item. Stock photos are only permitted for new items

Condition: select if your item is new or used

Description: enter a detailed and accurate description of your item. Any wear, defects, damage, missing accessories or packaging and any other unique features should be mentioned. How does BUMP define new and used items?

Category: select if your item is Clothing, Footwear or an Accessory

Quantity: currently you cannot list multiple items, quantity will always display as 1

Size: we use US sizing, toggle between mens and women's if your item is footwear

Brand: search for your items brand or enter manually if not suggested

Department: assign your item to streetwear or vintage

How do you get paid?

Add your PayPal email address into the "Payout to" section and enter your item price. Your payout email will be used to pay you via PayPal when your item sells.

What payout options are available to Sellers?

When you enter your item price you will see fees, deductions and the total payout amount you will receive when your product sells. What are the fees for selling on BUMP?

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