Protecting our sellers is our top priority, that's why every item purchased on BUMP is Verified Authentic in person by our in-house team of specialists before we ship to buyers. So what are the benefits of Authentication for sellers?


  • 100% safety - impossible to get scammed with BUMP verification in the middle of every transaction. Say goodbye to charge backs and fake claims, we've got your back. It is now impossible for buyers to open a PayPal claim against you.
  • Discounted and fixed shipping prices - it costs the same to send an item to a buyer in your own country as any other country. For example, a seller from the UK will pay the same to ship their item to a UK buyer as an American buyer. This opens up your store to buyers in all 83 countries we support - at no additional cost.
  • Prepaid shipping labels - we'll email you your shipping label once your item sells and when you're ready to ship, just take it to your local UPS drop-off.
  • Instant payouts via PayPal - as soon as your item is verified you will receive your funds. We've partnered with UPS to offer quick delivery so after shipping your item you should receive your money within 1-2 days. No more PayPal holds.
  • Product variety - We've hired experts who can authenticate streetwear, footwear and luxury whether its new or used. You can sell your used items in confidence and earn additional money to invest in more stock.
  • Competitive fees - 8.5% marketplace fee and 3% PayPal payment processing
  • Negotiate faster with buyers through offers - no more messaging and time wasting. Make sure to upload relevant photos to your listings to ensure buyers have all the info they need to purchase. They'll now be buying knowing their order is 100% authentic.
  • Sell more - now it's easier and safer for buyers in the 83 countries we support to buy from your store which will translate into more sales for you. Our sellers are the core of our marketplace so we'll be working closely with you to ensure we grow together.
  • Reviews on profiles - we've replaced reviews with your total number of sales which is shown to potential buyers when they view your profile or listings. We're releasing a verification / badge program shortly to further reward our good performing sellers.

We're so thankful for your continued support & we're working flat out to make BUMP even better. We'd love to hear your feedback, please email if you have any ideas on how we can improve BUMP for you.

We're excited for the next part of this journey 🚀

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