Failed sales may incur a fee to return your item and/or indefinite suspension of your account. This can happen if you sell and ship an item to BUMP that isn’t authentic or doesn’t exactly match how the item is described on your listing.

The Return Fee varies depending on the item and shipping costs involved in returning the item to the seller. Items that are being returned to the seller will only be shipped to the original seller's address.

BUMP has no obligation to return items that arrive and are found to be:

  • Counterfeit - in which case, BUMP may turn these items over to the proper authorities
  • Completely different to the listing information - including but not limited to items that arrive at BUMP in different conditions, sizes or do not include the listed accessories.

In the case your item fails verification or you fail to ship your item to us within the allotted time period, you may be charged a return fee equal to 15% of the order value and/or see indefinite suspension of your BUMP account. This return fee covers all return shipping, payment processing and other handling costs. If we are unable to collect payment after 14 days, we will be forced to dispose of your item.

I have sold an item but the listing included incorrect item info, what can I do?

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