Listings with high quality photos sell faster.

If your item is not in perfect condition you must display all wear, use, damage, defections and any other flaws.

Uploading inaccurate or deceptive photos will delay or void your payout*.

General advice:

  • Any flaws on the item must be clearly displayed
  • Ensure there is good lighting so that your item is clearly visible and the images are not dark
  • Photograph your item in front of a plain background
  • Make sure your item is clean
  • If your item comes with any additional accessories include them in your photos

We recommend you upload your items in the following formats.


Add photos of each shoe from all angles and a photo of the shoebox label.


Add photos of each side of the item, its labels and close ups of any details or prints.

Accessories and Lifestyle

Add photos of all details.

*If you upload inaccurate photos on your listings your payout will be delayed or cancelled and you could be charged the return shipment cost.

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