The Grading Process

  1. We begin by authenticating the shoe to ensure its 100% authentic.
  2. Multiple team members then review your sneaker and carry out an in depth condition assessment on the sneaker. We mark down all flaws (major and minor) and assess both the box and additional accessories.
  3. We then grade the condition of the sneaker on a scale of Platinum - Bronze, with Platinum being the best.

BUMP Grades

  1. BUMP Platinum: A BUMP Platinum shoe is as close to a dead stock as can be. This shoe shows very little signs of wear that can only can be noticed upon close inspection. Any flaw (if any) will be minor and not impact the overall appeal of the shoe. The shoe must be in the original box, have the essential accessories e.g. insoles, be free of any major manufacturing defects, have none or only slight marks / tears, no yellowing and no other signs of wear. This shoe may have only been worn once or twice and could almost pass as deadstock.
  2. BUMP Gold: A BUMP Gold shoe in superb condition that exhibits no major flaws and only two or less of the following minor flaws: missing extra lace set or box paper, slight manufacturing defect, minor scuff marks or slight cut or tearing and no or minor heel drag with a clean upper.
  3. BUMP Silver: A BUMP Silver shoe that has slight wear visible upon close inspection. This shoe has been worn previously and shows either 1 or none of these major flaws: Missing original extras e.g. box, manufacturer defects, scuff marks that can't be removed with cleaning, cut or tear, yellowing and heal drag. The shoe will come with the original or replacement box. If no major flaw it can carry up to 3 minor flaws.
  4. BUMP Bronze: A BUMP Bronze shoe displays signs of use but still has plenty of wear left in it. Heal and knit wear are more visible and there may be two or less major flaws with the product. Shoe may be missing it's original box or have significant box damage, have scuff marks and tearing that cannot be removed, laces could show fraying with cracked lace tips or yellowing to he fabric / sole with heal drag. If no major flaws it will have 5 or less minor flaws to categorize it as BUMP Bronze.


After we've graded the condition of the shoe we will value it and send the seller an offer. If the seller accepts, the money will be sent instantly via your BUMP PayPal payout email. There will be no fees on this payout!

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